A Brief History Of Acid House - an illustrated book.

from Suddi Raval

A Brief History of Acid House is an illustrated celebration of Acid House musics rich and colourful history which chronicles the key events and major players responsible for its global influence and on-going legacy.

To mark 30 years since the Acid House scene exploded in the UK, we examine the impact the music had upon club culture and music history.

Also included in the book is a list of essential Acid House classics with descriptions for each with images and a Periodic Table of Dance Music.

Other topics included are Ikutaro Kakehashi, Tadao Kikumoto, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Phuture, the TB-303 synthesizer, The Hacienda night club, Shoom, Blackburn, The Media, the UK Government, Football casuals, 1980's Police aggression and some of the most pivotal moments in Acid House's history.

About the author: A brief History of Acid House was written and illustrated by Suddi Raval. Suddi Raval began attending Acid House parties in the North of England at the age of 17 in 1988 and has been a life long Acid House enthusiast ever since.

He has released records under various names on different record labels including being co-writer and producer of the UK top 20 hit single Hardcore Uproar which became a Hacienda anthem in the summer of 1990.

He has since scored soundtracks for numerous video game titles and writes a regular column sharing his memories of rave experiences for Iconic Underground magazine.

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Suddi Raval Manchester, UK

I make Acid, House and Electro music because at a very early age it consumed my life and as I became obsessed weird basslines and melodies started to form in my head. I also now make top notch Acid House inspired merchandise such a mini 303’s and baby 808’s. See my site below… I’ve more stuff to come soon. ... more

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